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Welcome on my homepage. I am Ron Kirchner an engineer and project manager from Berlin, Germany. On this page you will get a glimpse on what I am working on at the moment and what I am interested and experienced in in general. Please feel free to contact me for cooperations or questions.

My work

Who am I?

Ron Kirchner.

What do I do?

Engineering & Data Science.

Scrolling down,
you'll find some of my lately works.

I. Project Management

Object and plant planning

Ausführungsplanung Wärmewende mit Blender von Ron Kirchner
R&I Schaltbild einer Fernwärmeübergabestation | Ron Kirchner
Erstellung von Leistungsverzeichnissen für die Ausführungsplanung | Ron Kirchner

Modelling, GIS, Studies

Erstellung Geoinformation Fernwärme

Renderings and Visualization (2D + 3D)

Bild Energiewende Pavillon

Which project I am focused on at the moment?

Someone had to do it! I am working on a tool which fuses all the existing public data around the energy supply and infrastructure of Berlin right now. There are many sources with data sets for the different resolutions of the city (districs, neighboorhoods, buildings etc.).

My aim is to combine the data and create an interactive map out of it where you can filter, compare and analyse the status quo of the cities energy system. By providing a visual represantation of the data I hope to support the work of architects, city planners, politicians and other engineers to create an even better energy infrastructure for the capital.

If you want to take a look at the work in progress, please visit the tool at data.berlin

Pyramide und Mond

Past projects it was my pleasure working on

Multiple studies on the energy supply infrastructure (hydrogen, CO2 tax, CHP, CCU)
Project management for grid developing projects (mostly district heating and natural gas) in Berlin
Visualizations for energy infrastructure with geoinformation systems (qGIS) and 3D CAD (Blender)
Project planning for the renewal of a district heating transfer station in Potsdam
Development/ maintainance of web applications and data analysis tools (JS, Svelte, HTML, CSS)
Regional concepts for heat grids 4.0 (Berlin) and the use of green gases (Mitteldeutschland)
Development of many webpages (homepages, eCommerce/ shops, conferences)
Internal auditor for quality management systems of energy and waste companies (ISO 9001)
Building up and being part of the energy bloggers community of the DACH region
Funding and funding applications (e.g. Reallabore der Energiewende, Horizon)
Support of the approval planning for a paper facility and biomass plant (100 MW)
Model building of climate balances and energy price developments with Python
Abstraktes Bild für data.berlin

II. Web 3.0 and Data Science

Working for smart and sustainable energy solutions

Tools and Software I like to work with

  • Python (Data Analysis, Machine Learning)
  • JavaScript (Tools, Apps)
  • Wordpress (Web Pages, eCommerce/ shops)
  • Blender and Plasticity (3D Modelling)
  • qGIS (Maps)
  • Svelte and Google Clouds (Apps)
"Zwischen Himmel und Erde"


Juggeling with the Energiewende

BiomassMuse Bioenergie Geschichte

Online-Shops and eCommerce


Homepages for companies

Reality is our creation

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Riesenrad Berlin Ron Kirchner
Philharmonie Berlin Ron Kirchner Foto
Muslima und Lenin Berlin Ron Kirchner
Malerweg Elbsandsteingebirge Ron Kirchner Foto
Van Gogh Streetart Berlin
Berliner Mauer Foto Ron Kirchner
Schrille Vögel Berlin Tiergarten
Spaziergang im Farbenfluss Bild von Ron Kirchner
Ray of light Bild von Ron Kirchner
Pyramide und Mond
Zwischen Himmel und Erde Bild Ron Kirchner
polygons - ron kirchner
Rumpelstilzchen - Ron Kirchner

Feel free to contact me for a cooperation or
a chat over a cup of coffee.
Have a good day,

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